Events Advisory

Exhale’s Event Advisory and Setup Service

  • We have many years of experience Hosting Luxury Shisha Events.
  • Our Team have an unrivalled knowledge of Shisha Flavours, Pipes and the ability to provide an Amazing Service.
  • Exhale has hosted numerous Shisha Events – UK wide; including Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations and much more.

Step 1: First Consultation

  1. We take into consideration the; type of event, audience, type of experience, staff and budget.
  2. We will bring our Premium Hookah Service to our consultation for you to taste the experience before the Event.
  3. We will bring our Premium Exotic Shisha Flavours to our consultation for you to experience.
  4. We will Confirm the Date and Time for your event.

Step 2: Setup the Event

1. We will setup all the Premium Hookah Equipment for your Event.
2. We will either provide a staff member or provide training on how to work the equipment.
3. We will be at hand to answer all enquiries from yourself and from your guests, from coal changes to changing the flavour.

Overall we will provide the Ultimate Shisha Event. We will bring your idea in to reality from the first consultation to the day of the event.

Step 3: The Event

  1. During the Event; Let the Exhale team take the stress away from managing the Hookah Experience.
  2. We are at hand during the event, to provide guidance.

Relax and Enjoy the event with your guests!